Why Learn Italian?

Maybe you fell in love with the rolling hills of Tuscany on your first visit to il bel paese—or maybe you fell in love with an Italian! Maybe your grandparents emigrated from Italy, so you want to investigate your family history. Perhaps you’re an aspiring musician who wants to learn what adagio, allegro, and andante mean, or an opera singer who wants to improve her pronunciation. Or you heard that it’s easier to learn Italian as opposed to English.

For all these reasons and more, you’ve decided to learn Italian, improve on what lessons you’ve already taken, or formalize those rudimentary phrases you’ve been speaking when traveling to Italy.

No matter what your motivation—the opportunity to work overseas, cultural exchange in a land steeped in history and culture, researching your genealogy, or studying other topics such as Italian literature or art history—you can discover new worlds when learning Italian. So raise a glass of Montepulciano and congratulate yourself on embarking on a new adventure. Buon viaggio!

Top Ten Reasons to Learn Italian
Italian is a language full of contradictions: its history goes back thousands of years, and, yet, it has only been the national language of Italy since the nineteenth century. Why should you learn Italian?

1. Understand Luciano Pavarotti when he belts out a phrase in a high C.

2. Order in Italian with confidence at an authentic Italian restaurant.

3. Improve your cultural understanding and global communication.

4. Stop relying on subtitles when watching Italian-language movies.

5. Get directions in Italian on your next visit to Rome.

6. Converse with your Italian-born grandparents.

7. Choose the right size at the Armani boutique in Florence without guessing.

8. Research your family roots and interpret old documents.

9. Study art history in the land where Michelangelo was born.

10. Read La Divina Commedia as Dante wrote it.


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